About Us


  Hi! I’m Eric Fisher, founder and president of Midtowne Realty.

    When I started Midtowne Realty over 20 years ago, I had no idea that our name would end up being so descriptive!  I’m so happy to have found our niche as a “midtowne” rental agency; especially at a time when there is so much energy and momentum downtown.  I have been joined by a staff, many a part of my family, that shares my passion to “do the hard work” of running a business in a responsible way.  We work hard to attend to the details that are necessary to handle our buildings and residents in a way that promotes a positive environment both socially and physically.  Predictably, this policy “comes back” to us all the time.  We have noticed that when residents feel we care about them, then they start caring about us and our properties.  They take better care of our property, they stay longer, and they give us good referrals.  This begins an upward spiral of respect and positivity that benefits us all: owners, residents, managers, maintenance personnel, and the surrounding community.
    My personality and career history are such that I am very attentive to the spaces that we live in, and the effect they have on our quality of life.  I have been able to find and compile a team that understands this vision.  It is very exciting for me to be a part of a general movement away from some of the real estate development norms of the past and toward ideas that are less automobile-centric and more village oriented.  I believe that the interest in urbanism and downtowns in general that we are seeing in today’s housing shoppers is an answer to a call of our soul that has not been well served by the urban sprawl of the last 70 years.
    Though at times we may fall short, please know that it is our objective to be a positive experience in your life.  Our customers and owners are not rungs on a ladder for us, we do not have an a goal to increase our business size just for the sake of making more money.  We want to earn a reasonable living for all our team while providing a quality product and excellent service to our clients and customers.
    Thank you for considering our company; we appreciate your business!