app375An applicant can apply at Midtowne for a specific unit, or to be pre-approved for 30 days so they can be ready to quickly rent a unit they become aware of. To apply to rent a housing unit from us, we initially require the following:

1. A fully completed and signed application for each person over the age of 18 who will be occupying the property.
3. A photo ID for each application
2. A $40 application fee for each leaseholder application (cash only) (roommate applications are required but free)
4. Evidence of income for each leaseholder application.

It is possible that we will need additional information to approve an application. Applications are only valid for 30 days. The link below will allow you to print an application so you can come to our office with it already completed. Thanks for choosing Midtowne!

Download our  Application for Residence.

A note to our applicants: Those who live in properties that are managed well are glad to know that the standards to live there are high, but, on the other hand, the sting of having your own application declined can be maddening. We do our best to balance our goal of maintaining safe, quiet properties with our other goal of having satisfied customers, but unfortunately, we cannot accept all applications. Please know that we strive to be as fair, honest, and transparent as possible when dealing with our applicants; below are some of our policies that may help you understand your application process better.

Equal Housing Opportunity Statement: We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation. We encourage and support an advertising, marketing and management program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

Application Criteria: In order to keep our properties safe, our main criterion for applicants is an acceptable criminal record. If this criterion is acceptable, and the applicants income is acceptable, we proceed to attempt to find evidence of responsible behavior, the best source for this is a good landlord reference, followed by significant job history. The conduct of an applicant during the application process may also impact our choice to do business with them. Good credit is not required, though a credit report, including evictions, may play a part in our analysis. If, however, an applicant knows they have a good credit history, we can “fast-track” the application for a quicker approval & move-in.

Pre-Approved Applicants: It is the policy of Midtowne Realty to allow applicants to apply to become pre-approved to a specific type of unit, for example, a 1 bedroom apartment. Midtowne will work to get an approval on such applications, and such approved applications will expire 30 days from the date we received them. If Midtowne Realty possesses an approved application, that does not mean that we will make further contact with the applicant regarding their housing needs; it simply means that, if they pursue occupancy for a unit that is or becomes available, the application can be considered immediately and without another application fee if they contact us about that available unit. Midtowne Realty does not take responsibility to contact or notify pre-approved applicants of available units, but rather the responsibility rests with the applicant to appropriate their application to the unit that we have available.

Multiple applications: Midtowne Realty manages property for investors and has a fiduciary responsibility to select the most qualified applicant as a tenant in the investor’s property. The criteria listed above will be the criteria that we use to judge which applicant is the most qualified. If we receive additional applications for the same rental unit, we will select the application that appears to be the MOST qualified (i.e. cleanest criminal record, longest job time, best landlord reference). If these criteria seem to be reasonably equivalent, we will select the application that we received first.

Third party timeliness: During the processing of applications Midtowne routinely seeks verification by third parties regarding various information included on the application. The timeliness of their responses is outside of our control and could delay an application. A delay on an application could result in an applicant missing the opportunity to lease a certain unit especially in a multiple application situation. Midtowne cannot be held responsible for this inconvenience to applicants. We will do all that we can to treat all applications equally and fairly and be timely with our own performance of the application processing.